Why donate

Funds generated by the sales of these four cultural products will contribute to the development of financial sustainability for Projeto Kirimurê, a social program of the Brazilian non-profit organization called IMA-Instituto Mestre Acordeon. Projeto Kirimurê (PK) offers an alternative perspective on life for at-risk youth between the ages of four and sixteen from the neighborhood of Itapuã, Bahia, Brazil. The “Kirimurês” are offered free Capoeira and music classes, storytelling, literacy training, psychological support, and family counseling. 40% of the Kirimurê children have been with the program since its beginning in 2006 and their lives have changed dramatically. PK has taken children off the streets and given them hope for a brighter future. Love of Capoeira is what draws them in and keeps them engaged. Some of the older children are already helping the youngsters, assisting the teachers of Capoeira and other activities. These Kirimurês have hopes of someday attending college.

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