Mestre Acordeon

Mestre Acordeon is an iconic Capoeira master from Bahia, Brazil who teaches in Berkeley, CA.  He has recorded CDs, written books, produced shows, events, and documentary films.

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5 thoughts on “Mestre Acordeon

  1. Mestre Acordeon y Suelly, you bring the people in this world so much joy. You give people a new meaning to their lives by showing them that they “can do” anything once have found atonement with themselves. You inspire everyone to do better and live better. You give them the courage inspire others to do their best. I am thankful to be one of your students. God bless.

  2. I would wish I was along as there isn’t enough for me to read about this. To experience it first hand wold be awesome. Perhaps once you get into Brazil i could get there and join you. have any idea when this will be? i can plan ahead, if i know.

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