Welcome to the Official Site of B2B Joga Capoeira

From Berkeley, California to Bahia, Brazil by bicycle – B2B is Mestre Acordeon’s transmedia project, documenting the development of Capoeira in the Americas and the adventurous journey of a small group of capoeiristas. The earnings from the TV documentary, Music CD, and Book will go to Project Kirimurê a social program that provides a positive learning environment for kids at risk in Salvador, Bahia

Mestre Acordeon

Mestre Acordeon is an iconic Capoeira master from Bahia, Brazil who teaches in Berkeley, CA. He has recorded CDs, written books, produced shows, events, and documentary films.


It is impressive to me how the B2B riders are doing so many tasks after riding heavy bicycles all day. This greatly influences our degree of tiredness, mood, and group dynamics. As much as possible, we are keeping track of our thoughts, feelings and desires by writing diaries or simple notes to release our steam, […]